Welcome to the Bracknell Family Hub!

The Bracknell Family Hub is a new community social media campaign intended to provide a hub for ‘all things family’ for families in Bracknell, Berkshire. It is particularly aimed at parents and carers of babies, toddlers and school-aged children. It will

  • provide a source of information
  • list things to do / events in and around the area
  • offer general parenting articles and tips
  • provide ideas for activities to do at home
  • share meal ideas
  • communicate local news.
The main focus of the campaign will be on promoting a happy and fulfilling family life in the local area , making the most of spending time with the children.

Who am I and why did I start Bracknell Family Hub?

I’m Emma and I live in Bracknell with my fiance Carl and our toddler daughter Charlotte. I’ve been living in Bracknell for many years. I am very proud to live in an area which has such a lot going on for families. I am currently retraining to be a Social Media Manager and as part of this, I have started the Bracknell Family Hub to provide a one-stop shop for families searching for information about family life. Being a parent myself, I wish to share knowledge of things that are happening in the local area and how to make the most of quality family time. Also to make happy memories for both parents/carers and their children. I would like to build a community of parents who like to share content from my campaign with each other, which could lead to further information sharing and social opportunities.

How can I get involved?

Why not follow, like or chat with us on social media? You can find us on the following platforms:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bracknellfamilyhub

Twitter: www.twitter.com/bracknellfamilyhub

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bracknellfamilyhub

Also, if you run a local business, group or are putting on an event, feel free to get in touch. We will often feature these on our sites. Share our information with others and share your information with us! (Sharing is caring as the saying goes). But most of all, from one parent to another — please feel free to join up and enjoy the Bracknell Family Hub.

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